Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Birthday Girl!

It's her birthday! Her first birthday one year old! She is such a big girl now. She weights 3 pounds! Cece is the birthday girl! I finally finished A Holiday Yarn, by Sally Goldenbaum it was a great read and I could not believe who the killers was it took my by surprise. I feel lost now with no book to read. I received a postcard about a book in the mail last week, The postcard states it is a new series from Lorraine Bartlett, it is according to the postcard A Victoria Square Mystery A Crafty Killing as stated it is the first in the new series. Watching American Idol and I love the show. I plan to knit a few rows on my scarf tonight. It is almost done.

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Sharon Marie said...

Cece is a definitely a cutie. Funny how the little dogs become almost like children to us.