Saturday, February 05, 2011

A lot of Rain

We have had a lot of rain this weekend. My daughter modeled brides maids dresses today. It was during the Carolina Bride Show. We had a great time at the show. I thought my daughter looked great all the brides maid dresses. A lot of the people at the show had samples of food you could have at your wedding. So after the show I came home and knit a few rows on a scarf I started a few weeks ago. I am still reading A Holiday Yarn, by Sally Goldenbaum. I finished reading Spun by Sorcery , by Barbara Bretton. It was a great read. I loved the end of the book. I think another book in the series is coming. If you have not read the series you should read it. Start with Casting Spells, then Laced With Magic, the third is Spun by Sorcery . This is a picture of my cousin Meaghan Ayala she is holding a Gingerbread Man Rice Krispies Treat my daughter made over the holiday's. Meaghan is my Aunt's Granddaughter. She loves to spend time with her Great Aunt Peggy, my Mother.

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Ria said...

I'm halfway through casting spells- great recommendation.

Who's the little girl?? She reminds me a lot of Angie when she was little.