Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Saturday Blue's

I have to admit that I have not enjoyed my Saturday. I slept late got up and my Mother wanted to go to the grocery store, I did not but went anyway and then I had to take my Mother and my Niece to Chuckie N Cheese for my cousin's birthday meet my daughter with a GRE book and dog kennel. When I am broke I don't like to travel or do anything. I could stay in the house and not step out of the door. I paid a visit to Books a Million yesterday and they did not have the book I wanted so I had to order the book. I continued to knit another Feather and Fan Dishcloth today and finished it , then cast on a Grandmother's Favorite. I tried to get a good picture of a humming bird moth and a butterfly. Since my camera is not the best and does not capture good picture's of moving object the picture's are not the best in the world but I will post the picture's anyway. Butterflies and hummingbird moth's are not the best model's. I enjoyed a few good hours in the house by myself today and really need more hour's alone. Oh well such is my life and I should get use to my dull life tiresome life.

Hummingbird Moth


Betty Hechtman said...

I don't know if this will help you feel more cheerful, but your blog solved a mystery for me.

A number of years ago this thing flew in my kitchen. The body was so big and the wings made noise. I was sure it was some kind of hummingbird. Except it was nightime. I looked through all kinds of books and on line and figured it was some kind of moth.

I had never heard of hummingbird moths until your blog. I did a seach online and found something that resembed what flew in my kichen.

I hope your Sunday is better than your Saturday.

Mrs Happy Homemaker said...

Oh wow - the butterfly among the flowers is just beautiful!!