Thursday, August 05, 2010

Flea Battle

It is hot and I am tired. I have a big battle against flea's going on at this time. My poor little kitties have fleas. I have given fleas bath's, flea treatment's and Brewers yeast. The fleas are still taking over. I plan to give both cat's bath's tomorrow after work if we don't have another storm!. I need to clean and spray the garage and all around the house. That will have to wait until payday! Still reading Skein of the Crime, by Maggie Sefton and I ordered a new knit themed book from books-a-million Knit in Comfort, by Isabella Sharpe. Cast on and knit a Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth. Only a few minute's to go and I will watch Big Brother. So happy that tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is almost here. You have heard this before but this weekend I plan to dedicate my self to finishing my year and some month's sock.


Sharon Marie said...

Darn fleas! This year we haven't had much of a problem with our chis and fleas but last year it was a constant battle and we got the flea drops from the vet! Hope you do have the weekend you've planned.

Stitch 'n Frog said...

Try this trick; Fleas usually gain entry to your home through your pet or visitors' pets. For every flea on your pet, there may be as many as 30 more in the pet's environment.
Before reaching for pesticides, try these safer choices:
Bathe and comb your pet regularly. Use mild soap, not insecticides. If fleas are found on the comb, dip the comb in a glass of soapy water.

Citrus is a natural flea deterrent. Pour a cup of boiling water over a sliced lemon. Include the lemon skin, scored to release more citrus oil. Let this mixture soak overnight, and sponge on your dog to kill fleas instantly.

Add brewer's yeast and garlic, or apple cider vinegar, to your pets' food. However, it is not advisable to use raw garlic as a food supplement for cats.
Cedar shampoo, cedar oil and cedar-filled sleeping mats are commercially available. Cedar repels many insects including fleas.
Fleas in the carpet? The carpet should be thoroughly vacuumed especially in low traffic areas, under furniture, etc. Put flea powder in the vacuum cleaner bag to kill any fleas that you vacuum up, and put the bag in an outdoor garbage bin.
Trap fleas in your home using a wide, shallow pan half-filled with soapy water. Place it on the floor and shine a lamp over the water. Fleas will jump to the heat of the lamp and land in the water. The detergent breaks the surface tension, preventing the flea from bouncing out.
In the yard or garden, plant fleabane (Fleabane Daisy Erigeron speciosus) to repel fleas. This is an annual growing 16-24" tall with violet, daisy like flowers.
Nontoxic flea traps are available commercially.
Flea Control Nematodes can be used to control fleas in outdoor areas your pets frequent.
For more information, read our article: Natural Flea Control

Mrs Happy Homemaker said...

Ugh. I know how you feel! We are having problems with them as well. We have 4 dogs & 4 cats, & it's a constant battle to keep them at bay. We give them baths weekly & vaccum daily...and it seems to help more than anything else. I use to get the drops from the vet, but a couple of our animals have had problems from it, so we went to a different approach.