Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Heat Is On!!!

I am not sure about any other place but the heat is on here in North Carolina. It is Hot Hot Hot! At one time today I thought we would get some rain and a storm because I could hear thunder but the storm past us by. I really need to go out into the garden tomorrow and water the peas if it does not rain over night. I spent the day watching home improvement and cooking shows. I started another dishcloth for my Aunt's friend and it is coming along really well, I am trying hard not to get depressed because I can't afford to take this month's scarf workshop at Common Thread's, I am so tired of living hand to mouth. Next month Common Thread's plans to offer another scarf workshop and I plan to take it. In order to take the class I plan not to go out for lunch and that will save maybe $10.00 I don't go out to eat at lunch time that much. If I get up early next Saturday I can take the cans I have been collecting to the recycling center. Maybe I will have enough money for the class and the yarn. I am posting a picture of the dishcloth I received from the Raverly group dishcloths r us swap partner. Knittergoddss sent a very pretty dishcloth and postcard.


Ria said...

we're having a much hotter summer than usual.It's been between 98 and 102 for the last week. And it only goes down to the 80s at night! I've been lugging so much water for my plants- I told my husband it's not eating veggies that helps you lose weight - it's taking care of them!!

Betty Hechtman said...

I heard about your heat. It must be ghastly with humidity. I hope your peas survive.