Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Update

Monday's are hard and exhausting. I wish we could skip Monday. It was a long and busy day at work. I am thankful to have a long busy day at work, if I did not I would not have a home or what little food I can afford to buy. I had a great weekend spent the weekend furbaby sitting and listening to Eclipse , New Moon, and Breaking Dawn on cd. The knitting and crochet front did not get to much of my attention. Puppies are likes babies you have to try your best to keep up with them because the love to put everything in their mouths. Every time I looked around Cece was chewing something. This was after I swept the floor and looked around the floor for items that could be eaten on the floor. I did however manage to cast off a Feather and Fan Dishcloth. So this means only two more dishcloths to go and I will have 6 cloths done for my Aunt's friend. I am very upset with myself because I made an impulse buy on Saturday I brought New Moon on cd and I am listening to the cd at this time. I love books on cd they are very relaxing. No exercise today I think it as been almost a month since I have been at the gym and I won't make it tomorrow either my because I plan to put chicken on the grill for my self and my mother. I am trying to keep her from doing to many things after her surgery. This Friday makes 4 weeks since she had her surgery. She plans to go to her Sister's on Wednesday so I will try to make myself go workout on Wednesday and Thursday.

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