Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

On St. Patrick's we always cook a corn beef brisket and cabbage. It was great no pub's in Asheboro. Finished reading Laced with Magic, by Barbara Bretton great book and the end was a total surprise. This book was the second in what I hope is a series. It is a knit themed but about a sorceress who owns a knit shop. If you want to read the this series you need to start with Casting Spells. Yesterday was my daughter's birthday. We went to the Kiwanis pancake supper this is our annual trip. Kendra only missed one year while in college. Then we paid a visit to CeCe my daughter's puppy she will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. So only 3 weeks to go and she will take her baby home. She had change a lot since the first visit. I started reading Spinning Forward, by Terri Dulong. Just 12 pages in and so far I like the book. Planning to get in some reading tonight. I need to spend sometime knitting. I am afraid to start the sweater. I have Friday off work so tomorrow is my last day if work for the week. My cousin wants me to teach her how to crochet. I am not sure I can teach her to crochet. I have never been very good at teaching people to do things. Posting pictures of CeCe.


Sharon Marie said...

Beautiful puppy! I think your daughter will be very happy with the little one.

Ria said...

Ce ce is just too precious!!