Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring!

Today is the first day of Spring and I hope all the snow, sleet and freezing rain are behind us for the winter. My daffodil's are in bloom and it has been a nice warm sunny day. My Mother,Sister, and I went to Rockingham today my sister wanted to look at flooring for her sunroom. So I got the chance to leave Asheboro and Randolph Co. today. This was not the best trip but it was nice to spend time with my Mother and Sister. No knitting or crochet today. I am reading Spinning Forward, by Terri Dulong. It is a very good read. I have had a long weekend I did not work yesterday and I still wish I did not have to go to work on Monday.


Ria said...

your flowers look great!!

While I love winter - once I get my first spring bloom I'm ready for spring!

Michelle said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I love spring and when the daffodils and first spring flowers start popping up! Cut yourself a bouquet of the daffodils before they fade. They make such a pretty bright bouquet! (But keep them high enough so your cats don't have a ball with them. Mine always try to find my flowers and destroy them if I do not place them in a "strategic" location. ) LOL

((Big Hug))