Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pretty good day

Well this has been a pretty good day. This means not half bad. I got up this morning got dressed and went to Greensboro. I love getting out of Asheboro and Randolph, it is like some big black cloud that hangs over my head goes away. Well the cloud lifted today and I made my first stop at the library to pick up to books I requested. Laced with Magic, by Barbara Bretton and Spinning Forward, by Terri Dulong. I plan to start with Laced with Magic right after this post. Then I went to stitch Point a yarn shop in Greensboro. I brought a skein of yarn Cotton Kisses from Plymouth Yarn Co. the skein of yarn comes with 2 patterns and 3 buttons. The pattern is for a very pretty little baby sweater. I have never knit a sweater. I really want to try and knit this sweater. I read the pattern and I don't understand it at all. The ladies at the shop told me to come by if I need help both of them have knit the sweater. I wonder if they mean come by just to get started! My next stop was AC Moore I was looking for size 15 31"circular needles. I did not find any of course. I found 29" , and 24". So I know I have seen 36" circulars at Benjamin Franklin's. I might have to go up to the 36" for the pattern I want to do. I avoided most of Greensboro today due to the ACC tournament. I got home read the pattern for the sweater watched Forever Knight on the Chiller channel. I have the house to myself this weekend. My mother is not here and my daughter's friend is not here. It was nice to come home to an empty house yesterday after work, and to go to Greensboro alone today. I really enjoy time to my self. It has been just me and the cats and I know this makes me seem like the crazy,divorced cat lady but what the hell.


Michelle said...

It sounds like a fabulous Saturday to me! I slept today after studying all night. I study at nights while my husband works. I think I can finish this course in about another month and be ready for studying for finals. I have took much longer than I thought doing this, but either way, glad to carry on. Hope I can find work when I finish!

The yarn and sweater sounds so cute! I would drop in and ask for some help with it. I am sure they would be happy to instruct you. (Maybe you can buy another skein of yarn or something while there.) ;) It is a good excuse, no? hehehe

Do not worry, you are in good company. I am a crazy cat lady too. :P

Have fun the rest of your weekend!!!


Ria said...

I swear part of what keeps me sane is that neither Curt nor Angie are home for 3-4 hours after I get home! I seriously need alone time.