Sunday, March 07, 2010

Baby Washcloths

The Baby Washcloths for my coworker are finally finished. I knit the stork, baby bottle, lamb, butterfly, and rubber ducky. I weaved the ends today and they are ready for the baby. I have moved on and knit the baby bottle and stork for my daughter's best friend, cast on the baby buggy and I plan to try and get this cloth and rubber ducky done by Wednesday night. My daughter and one of her friends leave for New Jersey early Friday morning. So her friend plans to meet my daughter in Raleigh on Thursday night. This weekend my daughter and I went to a great restaurant on Saturday Razzoo's Cajun Cafe. My daughter had a drink called the lost hand, I had a margarita. I order the Jambalaya pasta it was very good, my daughter had a spicy shrimp pasta. I know I posted yesterday about my day with my daughter. I had to do so again today because I enjoyed it so much. How that she is working and I work and she is so busy with her friend's and boyfriend we don't get to spend as much time together. That's the way is should be when your child is an adult. Your relationship always changes and moves to different levels. This adult level great. I am posting picture's of the washcloths for my co worker.


Wormie said...

Love these washcoths!

Ria said...

Those look great!

Michelle said...

The washcloths are so adorable. You did a great job! Craft on girl. ;)