Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another Blogiversary!

It is my blogiversary!! 12/19/2005 was my first post the day I created my blog. I am sitting in my living/dining room with a table full of yarn and 2 unfinished scarves. I need to start another one right away. The bias scarf that I need to start won't take long. I found out on Thursday night that my friend from work her favorite color is brown. The scarf I am knitting for her is grey. I guess I should have asked her what her favorite color was in the first place. Well I have 3 skeins of Lion Brand yarn in Fishersmen's Wool. I have a 1 solid brown skein, and 2 maple tweed. I have started another scarf for her in the maple tweed; which is a mix of brown and off white. Well here in Asheboro NC we did not get as much snow as predicted. However we did get some snow and sleet. I have very little experience driving in icy conditions so I came home 2 hours early from work. So I watched it snow and sleet while working on the scarf and browsing the Internet. I got out early this morning, cleaned off the car, and made a few stops at a few stores. I made one of my favorite things for dinner tonight... Manhattan Catfish Chowder! I got the recipe out of the local paper The Courier-Tribune in 2001. If you like catfish you might be able to find a recipe @ . The pictures I am posting tonight are of two known enemies united in the face of the cold weather. Most of the time they can be found fighting and hissing at each other. Only 3 days to work next week!


Anita said...

Happy blogiversary!

Your kittys are real cuties, they sure look sweet there, you'd never know they are usually fighting. :)

All we got was rain. Pout.

Ria said...

Happy Blogversary!!

Your kitties look so sweet!

We only got 7" my friend who lives about 60 minutes south of here in central jersey got 23"!!! we were in a weird "hole" in the storm for almost 10 hours.

curt flew to louisiana for a funeral and is now stuck in atlanta trying to get home.