Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh it's Friday Eve!

Damn, Damn, Damn one more day and it is the weekend! I am not sure why I am so happy about this because I am broke and can't go any where or do anything. This means the the weights that I feel on my chest will remain because I can't get out of town even for a few hours. Oh well what can I say my life sucks and then I will die. On the bright side the Grey's Anatomy season premiere was great and very sad George died. I loved George and I wish TR Knight would have stayed around. In a few scenes I wanted to cry. I did not wait until this weekend to finish knitting the Bias Scarf I posted about yesterday , I worked on it and did the bind off tonight while watching Grey's Anatomy. Today at lunch I knit a few more row's on my sock. The plan is to add a few more row's tomorrow during lunch. I have a skein of Duo jarbo Garn it reminds me of homespun and I am not sure what to do with this skein of yarn. Maybe a nice scarf but what pattern should I use for the scarf. After listening to the lionbrand podcast yesterday I took a look at a scarf done in Vanna's choice that I might try with this yarn. It was a very pretty crochet scarf. This weekend I will post a picture of the finished bias scarf and maybe the almost finished crochet lace shells afghan. Happy Friday ever.

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