Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where did my weekend go?

Where did my weekend go? wow they pass by so fast even when you spend most of them like I do with no money and nothing interesting to do. Well at least it was the weekend and that meant no work and barely talking to anyone on the phone. On Friday when I got home I had a nice surprise waiting 2 very pretty crocheted dishcloths and 2 postcards from my September swap partner from the Ravelry group dishcloths ar us, JanetMB is a great crocheter. That was the highlight of my Friday. Saturday was slightly cool and rainy the only place I managed to go was Walmart to take my Mother to the Pharmacy. Then we came home and the rest of the day I tried to clean my closet and sort through my yarn. I have a lot of yarn and I am trying not to buy anymore yarn until I have most of my stash either knit or crocheted into something. I placed most of my UFO's and I did not have as many as I thought in one place. The list goes like this 2 granny square afghans, 2 crocheted scarves, 1 crocheted ripple afghan that I really think I need to rip back at least 3 rows, because on the first attempt at picking up an unfinished project to complete I think I started with the wrong row it looks slightly off, 1 crocheted market bag just the band and the straps to go, and last but not least 1 knit scarf weaving the ends and making and attaching giant pom-poms to go. Absolutely nothing to watch on tv on Saturday, so we watched 48 hours back to back episodes. Today I watched Peyton Place love the movie it reminds me of why I hate small town's they are not as wholesome and people might think, to me they are places with gossips and self righteous people with sticks up there ass it reminds me of the town where I was raised and the town in which live and pay taxes so before you get started since I do pay taxes here I have the right to complain so do tell me if I don't like it move this is why I go to work and come home and limit the number of people in my circle, and cooked a leg of lamb, I think I left it in the oven just a little to long. It was not as rare as it should have been. This was my first attempt at cooking a leg of lamb sad but true this just let you know what a poor and sad existence I suffer though year after year and before anyone gets started I know there are people that have worse lives. I digress even though the lamb was a little to done it was not tough and had a good favor. I used olive oil, sea salt, oregano, cumin, and pinch of cayenne pepper also several sprigs of rosemary cut from my very own rosemary bush. So basically no knit or crochet and no longing at crochet stitches on youtube to brush up on my stitches. Well maybe next weekend. The picture is of the beautiful dishcloths I received from my swap partner. Oh by the way the closet is shaping up and not looking half bad.

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Ria said...

small towns are definitely not all they are cracked up to be!

I've never cooked leg of lamb, I just don't have that kind of culinary courage!

Hope next weekend is better!