Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lovely weekend.

I love Roma tomatoes! They are great for sauces and wonderful in a salad. I have a lot of them this year in my garden. Next year I will put a few in large container's and see how well the produce. I think I am to lazy for another full out in the ground garden. It is to much work if you have to work 40 hrs per week. When I get home from work I am to tired and depressed to go out and work in the garden and by the time it cools off enough to work in the garden it is almost time to go to bed. A container garden will be easier to maintain. I had to recast they dishcloth for my swap partner over on Ravelry. It is a good thing that we have until the 24th to get our cloths in the mail. I had the day off on Friday spent most of the day trying to clean my bedroom and made great progress. Then went to Books-A-Million and picked up my copy of The Beach Street Knitting Society And Yarn Club, by Gil McNeil first published in Great Britain as Divas Don't Knit in 2007, so far a good read and a very pretty cover. I am watching Merlin and I am ready for True Blood later tonight. The picture I have posted is of the Roma tomatoes in my garden. I have more ready to take off the vine. I hope to slow roast a few in the oven this year to freeze. So that this winter I can use them to make sauce or soup.

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