Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Flower's

Summer is slowly and hotly winding down. I still have a lot of Roma tomatoes in the garden and both my green and Japanese eggplants and Cheyenne peppers are still producing. I can't make it out to my fig tree's before the bird's and bee's. I guess with the fig's I need to check everyday. Lionbrand podcast was out today and I listened while working on the dish cloth I need to send to my swap partner at dish cloths r us group at Ravelry. Just to relax my plan is to read a few more pages of The Beach Street Knitting Society And Yarn Club, by Gil McNeil. It must be a wonderful and awesome thing to be creative and able to write a book. It seems to me it would be very exciting and satisfying I wish I had this gift. I have no gifts and therefore I spend most of my time at this that are draining and and unsatisfying they add nothing to my life. Reading, knitting, and crochet add to my life time with my family and close friends. Maybe one day I can add to that list. Happy crafting. I need to win the lottery. I need to buy ticket's so that I have a chance to win the lottery.

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Ria said...

It finally got hot and sunny here so all my veggies are ripening at once!! Ack!

I need to win the lottery too, which would also be much more likely if I were to occasionally buy a ticket!