Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wow great day !!!

Well not a bad day. I had my first sock knitting lesson today. Carl at Gate City Yarn taught the class. I meet to very nice women Hedi, and angela. Carl taught the class. Carl is a great guy. So patient and very good at showing you how to knit. He brought in sock that he has knit to show us and they are great. I had to cast on twice before I got it right but I did manage to cast on and get started. I worked a row or two and then dropped a stitch. Carl found the dropped stitched stitch and then got me back on he right track. The time in the class went by very fast and I can't wait until next Saturday. I made it back to Asheboro and went by the Chili cook off but I think since I did not make it until around 5;00 I missed a lot. I did not get to taste but 1 one chili. I hope they have the event again next year and I can be there at the start. I could not hang with staying until 10:00 to see who won the raffle. I have a homework assignment to knit 6 or 7 inches on my sock and the heel flap. So I am working on my sock tonight and watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, and of course blogging. I am posting a picture of the first few stitches on my sock. I love the color. I am using Trekking hand art in Tong it is a wool blend. Needles Addi size 1 I think 2.50 mm. Have a great rest of the weekend and craft on!


Ria said...

Looking good so far! Bummer about the chili.

Greta Anita Lint said...

Dear Crochet Goddess - You obviously love chili. We had so many people show up early in the day - and some cookers didn't bring enough quantity - that they ran out early. Well, this is a first event of its kind and we all learn from things that happen along the way - particularly the unexpected that chili would run low early in the afternoon. Thanks so much for including information about the Asheboro Chili Cookoff in your blog.

AlabamaGal said...

Yay! Your sock knitting classes have started. :) I love the colors you are using and your first stitches look awesome!
My husband left today for Austin, TX. He starts training for a new job tomorrow. I hope all goes well with him. I am still recovering and if all goes well, later we may move to Austin.

Maybe next year you can get to the cookoff early.

Have a great week ahead!