Friday, April 17, 2009

What a day, what a day

I am so glad it is Friday and the weekend it has been a long week and I only worked 4 days. I am so ready for the weekend. I have a fun filled day ahead tomorrow. The sock class I signed up for starts tomorrow from 2 to 4 and then I plan to go check out the Asheboro's first Chili Cook off! It seems like it will be a big and fun event and I hope it is a success and continues every year. Since it runs from 1-10 pm I will have a lot of time to look around and enjoy the event. I hope you can buy a raffle ticket tomorrow I did not buy one ahead of the event. I hope they don't decide the winner before I get to the event. I need to get up one morning early enough to go by the bagel shop. I enjoy bagels and use to go buy the first bagel shop we had in Asheboro and was disappointed when the shop went out of business. I am working a new dishcloth from Leisure Arts Publication, Trendy Knit Dishcloths, by Evelyn A. Clark. I am working #2 Bubbles Border, in what I think is Rainbow Bright Lily Surgar ' n Cream. Craft on! I plan to take pictures of the knitting class and the Chili Cook off to post later this weekend. I am posting the first few rows of the Bubbles Border dishcloth.

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Ria said...

Oh the last time I was at a chili cook off it was in Forth Worth. I hope you have a great time!!