Sunday, March 08, 2009

That horrible feeling it's Sunday night

Well the weekend is coming to a close. I got up late on Saturday and made my way to Gate City Yarns. I brought my supplies for my sock class. The dates for the class have been changed so I have to wait closer to the end of the month. Which is not that bad. I have the yarn, pattern and needles. I will post a picture of the yarn later this week. Cast on a dishcloth last night #4 Radiating Hearts from #3253 Leisure Arts dishcloths FROM THE HEART by Evelyn A. Clark. A heart is starting to form. This cloth starts off like the Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth, from Dishcloths Boutique. I made it to row 30 last night I think I will add a few rows tonight. I am using Lily The Original Sugar' n Cream in Hot Orange. Posting a picture later in the week as so as I finish the dishcloth. I read a page or 2 of Club Dead and I want to read a few pages of Fleece Navidad. So much you want to do and so little time. Posting picture's of the cats just because. Bond off beginner's basic II Ribbed-for-Her-Pleasure Scarf from Stitch ' N bitch The Knitter's Handbook, by Debbie Stoller.

The top picture is Hermes and the bottom picture is Goldie. I am not sure what she was looking at out the storm door. I could not see it my self I think it was the flowers blowing it was very windy today. Hermes laying in a great sun spot by the sliding door.


Yarnjeannie said...

Love your cats! They're cuties!

Deneen said...

We just "adopted" a cat that looks exactly like Hermes, same hair length on tummy and markings-he showed up a few days ago and well, he's great with kids and I checked him and think he was dumped off. He's indoor cat now, no problems.