Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So last night I recast on the Radiating Hearts dishcloth that I cast on the first time on Saturday night. So far so good on the recast. I am on row 29 plan to knit a few more rows tonight. I knit a row or 2 during my morning break at work the first morning break I have taken in a long time I might add, then night a few rows during lunch. I can make out the the start of the first heart. This is a dishcloth you have to count your stitches. You have a lot of increasing, decreasing, and slip,slip, knit. If you want to get in good practice with most of your stitches a dishcloth can take you there you learn a lot. Three days until the weekend. Craft on! Posting a picture of the first 27 rows I think of the Radiating Hearts recast.

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Ria said...

Can't wait to see how that comes out.