Monday, July 09, 2007

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

It is HOT!!!!! I thought is would rain today but it did not at least not yet, it was getting cloudy on the way home from work dark clouds and I heard thunder. I thought a storm was on the way but what happens after I am home for a few minutes the sun comes back out and no rain. I am not sure if I need to water the garden again tonight or wait of the rain. I have not worked on my Bias Scarf today but I did go back to work today so that is the reason. I have pictures of some of my flowers and I plan to post I am sorry. I just love to post pictures. Big Love on HBO tonight @ 9:00. I will knit during Big Love. I have my tickets brought for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix then on the 21st the last book. I hope Harry does not die. I brought Charmed Knits Projects For Fans Of Harry Potter, by Alison Hansel. I want to make the scarf and hat. Well only 4 more days until the weekend.

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KnitXcorE said...

i dunno if harry will die..... i'm sure JK enjoys being the richest woman in the UK, she'll find a way to milk it.