Friday, July 13, 2007


Well its Friday and I am so happy about that I don't know what to do but drink wine and knit. I have finished my first Bias Scarf and started another in a variegated yarn. One more week and the last book in the Harry Potter Series will be out I have my name on the list for the book and I will be at Barnes and Noble at midnight to get my book I am sure it will be a wild and crazy event. On Wednesday I went to see Harry Potter and the Order Of the Phoenix it was a great movie with wonderful special effects. I would like to go see it again this weekend. I plan to visit Stitch Point tomorrow to buy the yarn for a Gryffindor House Scarf made out of Cascade Yarns. I will post a picture of the yarn if I find it at the shop. When I post these pictures they just might be the last ones I post for awhile because I have lost my battery charger for my camera. I will need to order another charger. I am posting a picture of my finished Bias Scarf and the start of another Bias Scarf.


Deneen said...

Look at you-those scarves look great!

KnitXcorE said...

i love that pattern..... i wish i could drink wine a knit. my stitches would get all messed up!!