Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Night Once Again

Well it's Sunday Night again and I have the blues. Only a few more hours and I will be back at work. I attended a candlelight party, it was nice I didn't order anything. When I wake up in the morning I will start the countdown to the weekend. I ripped out the start to my afghan again and tried again to get it started but it was no good I just cant get it right. So I have started another Lovely Lilacs only mine will be Lovely Reds because I have red not lilac, never the less if this one goes better than the last one I tried it will be okay. I didn't manage to get my dishcloths made this weekend maybe I will start tomorrow. Well I didn't win the lottery so this means I cant retire early and build my dreamhouse at the beach. I did learn a new stitch today the picot. Some may say it is an easy stitch but until today I this stitch was not my friend. All you have to do is Ch 3, sc in the first st of ch-3, pretty silly not to be able to do that but at first it sounds a lot harder than it is to accomplish.

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