Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Windy cold day!

Well spring has sprung in North Carolina but it is really hard to tell. I feel like we are still in the middle of winter. March as always is very windy but the cold makes things seem a lot worse. Tomorrow is hum day and then only one day left and we will have a nice long weekend. Our agency will be closed on Good Friday and I am ready for the day off and a long weekend. We have our salt fish in the freezer. I did a little fur grand dog sitting last week and this weekend. I love the dogs but two Chihuahua's is like having an army. Finally in honor of National Crochet Month I started an afghan. Still trying to finish the knit baby afghan for my friend at work. I need to put on a big push this weekend because she will return to work on Monday and I need to have the afghan done. Since I have a long weekend  I am sure if I push myself it will get done. Game of Thrones starts this Sunday on HBO love it!!! . Happy National Crochet Month! .  

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