Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quick Update

Long day at work, then it was off to Zumba. I made the 5:15 session. It was rough and I could not keep up. The people who teach the sessions and the place you go is great but I really don't like Zumba. I hate exercise and I don't won't to participate. Due to certain circumstances my life or most of it is really not my own. So off to Zumba and exercise I go. I finished reading In the Company of My Sistahs, Angie Daniels. It was a very good read. I think I identified the the most with Kayla Sparks, or at least with her feelings of low self esteem and the choosing of the wrong man. Still working a Beth's Little Star Afghan for Crochet Month which is quickly winding down. Spent a great weekend with my daughter, she came home on Friday and left early Sunday afternoon. We watched movies, talked and ate. I did not cook we went out to eat and ordered take out.

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