Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quick Midweek Post

It is Wednesday and hump day two days until the weekend. Last night I went to my third night of Zumba it is not my thing. One I can't dance and just can't seem to catch onto the steps. The only good thing I can say is at least my heart rate was up and I was moving. I hate exercise! I really wish it was not necessary. The class did not start until 6:30 so to make sure I went to the class and not home. I sat in my car and reading a book until time for the class to start. The latest read In the Company of My Sistahs, by Angie Daniels. I really need to get started on my Charles Dickens it is his birthday. I have Hard Times on my Kindle and A Tale of Two Cities in paperback. Spent sometime at lunch yesterday working a Beth's Little Star afghan. My friend Anglea's afghan is coming along, on Monday I got to see how much she had done since Saturday. It looked great. I need to check in with her tomorrow. No Crochet so far today. It has been almost two weeks since I have spent anytime knitting.

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