Monday, February 27, 2012

Gray and Soggy Monday

No snow or sleet this weekend. Unlike last Sunday it was dry mild weather. Today it was gray cloudy and rainy. Tomorrow promises to be sunny and warm. My plan for last weekend was to meet my friend from work so that I could help her with the baby afghan she's planning to crochet for a friend. I received a call from her on Saturday morning and she could not make it to the library so now we have to reschedule. Our library does not open on Sunday and I am not sure most of the restaurants around here would be happy about two crocheters hanging out most of the afternoon never spotted any crochet or knitting in the mall or restaurants in Asheboro. I know Asheboro has knitter's and crocheter's but I think most are in the closet. Finished reading The Choice, Suzanne Woods Fisher it is base on the life of the Amish. It is part one of the Lancaster County Secrets Series. Great read. Part to and three are out and books a million has both. Pay day on Wednesday so I will pick up part to on Wednesday. Current read A Meeting in the Ladies' Room, Anita Doreen Diggs just started during my afternoon break at work so only on page 3. My first knitted afghan off the needles and now all I need to do is weave the end's. Still working the Beth Little Start crochet afghan. Already added a round since I got home from work.

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