Friday, July 08, 2011

Still cleaning my bedroom

Well the work continues on my bedroom. I have picked out all the magazines to keep and the one's to give away. Slowly but surely I will get my bedroom clean. Tomato's are on the vine in the garden and in the container garden. Cast on a dishcloth tonight the dishcloth is from the night a pattern a day calendar 2008. Pattern name Texas Sun Dishcloth. I spent time today putting away the magazine's I plan to keep. Spent a lot of time watching old movies with Leslie Howard on TCM today while working on my bedroom. It has been a stormy day rain and storms on and off all afternoon. A storm brewing right now. A picture of the white lily in my yard. The lily is beautiful.


Ria said...

I need to motivate myself to clean/organize.. sigh.

We had serious thunder storms yesterday afternoon. I did the sensible thing and took a nap.

~Tinkerstar@shine~ said...

Love the lily~ so beautiful!