Sunday, June 05, 2011

The last few hours of my weekend

It is Sunday night and my cloths are clean and I am getting myself ready for the work week ahead. I spent most of the weekend alone which was great. My Mother was in Candor with her Sister and visiting their Mother. So I spent most of the week alone and loving every minute of my time alone. I love to come home after a long hard day at work to an empty house and for that house to stay that way. I watched tv knit and read a book. I finished the book this weekend. It was a great easy relaxing read. It was 3 books in one by Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallery, and Christina Skye The Knitting Diaries. Spent time watering the garden trying to keep all the tomato's that I said I would not plant this year but planted anyway alive. Some of the petunias and marigolds we put in planters are dying. I am not sure why. We brought them at Lowes Hardware. I am not sure whats going on. The Patio tomato and Sweet One hundreds are doing okay, I am worried about one however. The Swiss Chard looks great! I am watching Sister Wives love the show. A special episode comes on at 9:00. My Daughter, her boyfriend and her dog Cece came by on Saturday. We put hamburgers and corn on the grill. I knit two Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloths and just finished a Sunflower dishcloth from Garden Dishcloths to knit. I found peaches and creme cotton at the Walmart in Randleman on Saturday. It was on sale for $1.00 per ball. I found the Sunflower color I need to finish a dishcloth I started and a very pretty Gold. I needed the Sunflower because I had a ball of Sunflower and I had knit one Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth and I wanted to know how many dishcloths I could get out of one ball of variegated yarn. Well I could get almost two. Almost two means that I need another inch and a half to finish the cloth. I am knitting dishcloths for Christmas so this is why I am trying to get as many dishcloth done as I possible can. So tomorrow I will force myself to not be lazy and cast on another dishcloth. I have a pattern for a dishcloth with a cat design in the middle. I might cast on at lunch tomorrow. I will need to find a very quite place to cast on . That is hard at my job. The break room is very loud and not very relaxing. It is already to hot to sit in the car at lunchtime. Maybe I can find an empty meeting room. My visit to Books-A-Million was great I found two books that I want to read. A Stitch Before Dying, by Anne Canadeo and How To Knit A Heart Back Home, by Rachael Herron. I plan to start A Stitch Before Dying tonight. Great weekend and I am living for Friday. Craft On!!

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Little Wren said...

Yay! Craft on! I love it!