Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer Garden

We made a big start to our summer garden and summer flowers. Most of our flowers are perennials and will come back every year. I love them the best because if you can get the plant to live you don't have to worry about the plant again. We always plant a few hanging baskets with petunia's and begonia's. In the vegetable garden we planted 6 Whopper tomato's, 8 Roma tomato's, 1 banana pepper, 1 chili pepper, 6 Swiss Chard , 1 Red Sorrel. We cleaned up the garden space that we won't use this year. I planted 4 yellow pair tomato's in hanging baskets, and another Sweet 100 cherry tomato. I have two Sweet 100's left to plant and I will have to wait until payday to buy more potting soil. The pot I plan to use takes about one and a half bags of soil. I finished another apple dishcloth and added a few rows on the slanted diamond. Still reading The Knitting Diaries great read for me. Summer is in full swing here in North Carolina.

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