Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What I am working on

I am working on baby washcloth's. My daughter has a friend and her friend is having a baby. The Baby shower is this month. So far I have to cloth's ready. I am using Kristie Knits washcloth's I brought the patterns on Ravelry. So far I have knit The Rattle Cloth and The Baby Feet Cloth. I have started and put to the side for now The Pacifier Cloth, and recast on The Carriage Cloth. Still trying to read Little Dorrit wow it is a hard read. I think it is the old English the way people spoke during this time period, I am finding it very hard to follow and keep up with the flow of conversation. The plan is to press on and maybe things will get better.

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Little Wren said...

I haven't tried Little Dorrit but Bleak House was really good. It does take some getting used to though doesn't it? Kinda like Shakespeare. My brain always has to shift gears when I read classic literature. Cute washcloths too. I LOVE the feet! :)