Monday, April 04, 2011

Taking On A Classic!

I have decided to read another book by Charles Dickens, Little Dorrit. I want to read this book because over a year ago Turner Classic ran what I think was a mini series every Saturday for several weeks the movie Little Dorrit and then PBS did an updated version and I really enjoyed both and wanted to read the book but every time I was at a book store looking for the book I could not find it. Well on Friday I went to Greensboro to Barnes & Noble it had been awhile since my last trip and I wanted to give the store another chance. So I look around and of course I started in the craft section, then made my way to magazine's and then fiction. What did I find but Little Dorrit. I did not realize how many pages I would have to read 844 pages! I have watched a lot of movies based on Charles Dickens books but I have not read many of the books. I think I read some of Great Expectations and I did read A Christmas Carol. So after I finish A Crafty Killing, by Lorraine Bartlett. Row 46 on my Shapley Diamond dishcloth. I knit a few rows tonight. While I was knitting I listened to last weeks YarnCraft podcast. I really enjoy listening to the podcast and knitting. Very relaxing. Yesterday I finally planted my lettuce and I hope it lives. I think I waited to long to plant it. This weekend I will plant the Swiss Chard.

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angelbellasucan said...

It seems you are a person likes a better life, right? I also love planting flowers with me for the nice aroma as well as the perfect color for my house. Thanks for sharing, anyway!