Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Well a great end to a nice long weekend. The weekend started on Friday with a great day off and a trip to Costco and Harris Teeter. The samples left something to be desired but that's okay. I still love Costco. We had to pickup olive oil, chicken stock, butter, and laundry detergent. Then off to Harris Teeter, miss the Harris Teeter here in Asheboro. It closed years ago I think Walmart took it out years ago. It was the best place to find that hard to find ingredient for a recipe. Then I moved on to Saturday and spent most of the day cleaning the garage again. I think I can get it finished by next Saturday. Then today off to church with my daugther and then to lunch. All around great weekend. So far no knitting or crochet. I knit baby washcloths for my daughter to give to her college friend for her baby. Well when my daughter asked me to knit the dishcloths they thought the baby was a boy so I knit cloth's in boy colors. Well the baby is a girl and now my daughter has a blue stork washcloth to give her friend. I wish I would have asked for the day off tomorrow. I need to spend a little time reading tonight before I go to bed.

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Ria said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend.