Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let the planting begin!

On Sunday I put a few tomato seeds in starter pots. One of the tomato's is a grape type tomato, Jelly Bean Hybrid and a Red Cherry. I hope I have better luck than the last time I had no luck at all trying to start seedlings. This weekend I plan to put my lettuce in pots and the arugula seed I brought this past weekend. Still no knitting or crochet but I am trying to get in the mood again. Just finished reading Acting out, by Benilde Little. It was a great read and tonight before I go to bed I plan to start reading The Ex Files, by Victoria Christopher Murray. I am trying to plan my container garden and my in the ground. I plan to cast on by this weekend. I am glad tomorrow is Wednesday and the week will be half way to the finish, it has been a long week already.

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Ria said...

I have given up on starting from seed. I buy baby plants from the nursery. I did get a lettuce mix I may try as soon as the snow we just got goes away.