Monday, October 04, 2010

Pet a Llama it will make you happy!

So nothing much going on it is Monday night. I am watching House and hoping to make it through the long work week. So far no knitting, crochet or reading. I really need to get back to my exercise routine but it is very hard to do after you get out of the habit. I am really out of the habit. Most of the time knitting, crochet, and reading are my stress relievers lately that is not true. It is very hard to make myself do anything but sit and feel tired and sad. Today my Mother and I discussed the household finances and we both feel we should do everything we can to get out of as much debt as we possibly can. This does not mean the mortgage. It does mean getting it together so it is not paid late. The savings on late fees only might be enough to buy a chicken or two! Finally after all of last weeks rain most greens we planted are coming up. The mixed greens, mustard spinach, and maybe the kale. We planted another pack of spinach yesterday. We are hoping the warm weather holds out and we get enough to cook one or two times and maybe a bag to freeze. The Bok Choy we brought and planted looks good and hopefully will do well. This has been a gardening update. Happy knitting, crocheting, and gardening. Picture of a Llama and me.

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