Sunday, October 03, 2010


Today was a great day! The weather was wonderful no rain, it was not to hot or to cold. We had a great breeze. It was the perfect day for The Eight Annual Farm Fest at Rising Meadow Farm and Fall Open Farm Day at Goat Lady Dairy. If I did not have such a hard time with direction I would have made it to Rising Meadows before noon. This was not the fault to the Farm, I have a hard time with directions. How I realize all I need to do is go down North Fayetteville onto Old Liberty Rd and keep straight. The direction on mapquest did not help me at all. Rising Meadow was great this was my third trip and before you think it I know by now I should know the way but 3 times and 3 different ways I made it to the farm. Farm Fest was great music, food, and vendor. A lot of the vendors are from the North Carolina area and they yarn for sale wonderful yarn in great colors and it was great. I watched a lady spinning. It looked relaxing and hard at the same time. I got the change to pet a Llama, Angora Rabbit, and an alpaca. This time I did not pet it on the head and it was cool. Website: . After looking at all the vendor booths we went to Goat Lady Dairy, it is very pretty and this was my first visit. You should have seen the garden! Greens, Lettuce , Swiss Chard, Bok Choy, Collard, Turnips and Turnip greens. Chickens and last but not least Goats! Well along with goats they had goat cheese you could buy. I sampled the spreadable cheese. Basil and Garlic,Dill and Chives, Jalapeno, Triple Heat, Roasted Red Pepper, and Plain. All of it was great. I did not buy any today because funds are low in my house and did not have enough to get a container. However I plan to go to the farmer market next payday and get a container of the Jalapeno goat cheese. I was so proud of my niece because she tried the Jalapeno cheese. We did buy a pound of hot sausage from Brads Farm. It is located at 5231 Liberty Grove Rd Liberty NC 27298, contact information 336-622-5618 . The sausage was great! we tried a sample. Brad stated that he grows his own grain to feed his animals. They sale Pork, Chicken,and Beef. Until recently I did not realize how many local people sold vegetables and meat. I plan to start buying as much locally produce food as I can. I think it is better for you and it helps small farms and the local community. Also learned today that Goat Lady has started Goat Lady CSA( Community Supported Agriculture). If you live in the area you can find out more about this I am sure by visiting the website: and their is a meeting Tuesday, Nov. 16, 7 to 8:30 pm Starmount Presbyterian Church 3501 West Market St. Greensboro, NC. It sounds like a great program. I am thinking of going to the meeting. The price really is not that bad, for the food that you will receive. However my fiances are not the best at this time maybe I can got to the meeting an learn more about the program and be prepared to join next year. It is great to have fun for free. Posting a picture of the Llmana, Alpaca, Angora Rabbit, and Goats. No Knitting this weekend, I did read and add a few rows to my Lace Crochet Afghan.

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