Thursday, September 23, 2010

The First Full Day Of Autumn

The bad blogger returns on the first full day of Autumn. It has been a long time since my last post and I am not doing to well this year keeping my blog updated. If thing do not improve I will end the year with fewer post than I did last year. It is the first full day of Autumn and I am glad I am ready for cooler weather. The past few weeks have been hot and dry. We planted greens and spinach Labor day weekend and so far the ground looks the same as the day we planted the seed. Still have not finished the scarf I started on International Crochet Day I try to add a row or two every other day. This week I added a few rows to the Crochet lace Shells Afghan that I started in October or September 2006. It is red and for some reason I am not sure if it is the colors of the house or the camera but anything red I take picture of does not come out looking good. So the picture you will see is not the best in the world. Still reading Getting To Happy, by Terry McMillan half way through the book and I am glad tomorrow is Friday so I can finish up this weekend. This is a great season premiere week. Grey's tonight.

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