Sunday, June 06, 2010

My Weekend Almost Over

Well the weekend has drawn to a close. It is Sunday night I am watching the new season of The Next FoodNetwork Star. I added a few rows to the Beth's Little Star Afghan. Spent some of Saturday buying plants and potting soil. Then went to my cousin Meaghan Ayala's dance recital she did a great job and so did the other dancers, but it was a long program. Today I planted a few petunia's in hanging baskets. So far no knitting or crochet. I am waiting to hear from my dishcloth swap partner on what colors she likes before I start her dishcloth. I hope to hear from her soon.

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Ria said...

congrats on a great job to Meaghan Ayala!

My pet peeve is people who sign up for swaps and then don't respond to your ??s. Especially for slow knitters ( like me) or people who work outside the house (like us) we need the time to get done so we can mail ontime!