Monday, May 17, 2010

Let's talk Chickens

I really think I would like to have a few chicken's ! I am posting another chicken coup picture and a picture of a few chickens. I knit two rows on my sock last night. Had a long day today but Monday's are always long because on Monday you are to far away from the weekend. I am watching the season finale of House I love the show. Getting ready for True Blood and I need to start an afghan for my cousin's new baby that due in August. I need to work on the washcloth too. I did not work out today my allergies are have been bad the last few days and I spent most of the day coughing. I will no matter what exercise tomorrow. I promise to post a knit or crochet project soon.


Ria said...

Another adorable chicken coop! Are chickens a lot of work?? I have no idea how hard it is to care for them.

Deneen said...

I want chickens too, but the disease and stink hold me back. Plus here I would need a special fan for summer and heat lamp for winter for them. I dunno, have to think about it.