Sunday, March 29, 2009


Friday night my Mother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, and I attend an Induction Ceremony and Banquet at Winston-Salem State University. It was for the School of Business & Economics. It is an honor society that service Business Programs accredited by AASB international. My daughter was inducted and received was the recipient of the Blue & Gold cord. Her friend Ginnerfra Daniels who served as the Vice President also was a recipient of the Blue & Gold cord. The dinner music and speaker was wonderful and we had a great time. I have a picture but it is not very good a little dark. Spent most of the day yesterday working on my bedroom it really needs a good cleaning. I discovered over the last 2 weekends that I have a lot of cotton yarn. Most of it scrap yarn from previous dishcloths. Some new skeins and some very large skeins from mill ends. Lot's of sugar 'n cream, Peaches & creme, Bernat and, a little I love this cotton. Some of the balls are to small for a dishcloth. So I am not sure what kind of project I can do with all these little balls. Maybe a grocery bag. If I can find an easy pattern. Well still no word on when the sock class will start. I hope soon. Sock knitting is one of my goals for the year, along with circular needles, and cables.


Ria said...

Congratulations to your daughter!! I'm sure she's worked hard for that and totally deserves it!

I love sock knitting! It seems intimidating at first - but after your first pair you'll see - they're fun and portable and quick. ( OK not as quick as dishcloths maybe - but quick!)

Sheila said...

Congratulations to your dd. I've only made one pair of socks and really enjoyed it. Then I purchased several balls of sock yarn and haven't started on my second pair

AlabamaGal said...

I am proud of your daughter. :)

As far as the scraps of cotton yarn, maybe you can make a fun bag, little colorful clutch purse, coasters, or some pretty flowers. Perhaps some crochet flowers to later embellish those socks you knit later. I have a pair of knitted socks with crochet flowers that my Mom bought me as a gift and I like them for lounging around the house. My socks are knitted out of some hot pink variegated yarn and the crochet flowers are hot pink.

Do you know that black scarf with purple and green flowers that I had a picture of on my blog the other day? I used acrylic scrap yarn for those and I only had a few tiny balls. If you want to crochet some of those flowers, I posted the pattern underneath the picture.