Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sunny day!

Well after I finally got out of bed. I got dressed and spent some time in the yard picking up sticks and branches. I raked some leaves. I must say having a yard is to much work. I plan to get up tomorrow and plant a few vegetable seeds to put in the garden. I hope my brother in law will be able to till my garden spot by the first weekend in May. I have a mystery plant growing in a container , my Mother thinks it is garlic, but I don't remember planting garlic in the container. It looks great and it does smell like garlic. We shall see what happens. I cleaned the weeds and leaves away from the deck and I my daisies, black eyed Susan, and lilies are coming back. I have a four day work week starting on Monday. Still working the Large Heart dishcloth, from Leisure Arts dishcloths from the heart #3253. So far so good with the dishcloth. The night is long and lonely. Craft on!

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Ria said...

I'm off this entire week... and yardwork is unfortunately on the top of my to do list!