Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Wonderful Sunny Day

I did almost nothing today. I did spend sometime staking my tomato's. A few of my tomato cages needed a few stakes added and so did the tomatillo's. So I staked the tomato's and tomatillo's. I did not knit or crochet today . Spent sometime reading the second book in The Sweetgum Knit Lit Society series, by Beth Pattillo. I am posting a picture of the tomato's in my garden. My daughter will be her tomorrow and we are going to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.


Ria said...

Those look great! I have to add some stakes today also - and weed in the front - yuck!

Deneen said...

The cages aren't holding the tomatoes for me this year, I've been staking an tying them up. Mine are about the same size as yours, with a few almost ready to pick.

The latest HP movie was terrific, probably one of my faves of them all. Enjoy!

Scheherazaad said...

I so love fresh garden tomatoes. Mine are all staked now.