Sunday, April 26, 2009

Turning the heel

Great class on Saturday, I learned how to turn my heel and how to pick up stitches. I found turning the heel tricky but I am sure after turning a few it will get better. Picking up stitches is a little tedious too. Our homework is to pick up stitches and knitting down the sock I started out with rib stitches all the way down my sock. I was the only one to contiue with the rib stitches. I don't plan to finish in rib stitch. It is after all as Carl pointed out inside the shoe. Carl is a great teacher and I am enjoying the class. The time passes so fast. The last class is for the toe. We will see how the picking up stiches and the gusset goes.


Ria said...

looking good! I do keep ribbing down the foot ( i use continental I don't throw so it isn't any harder) when I make socks for my daughter because she has such narrow feet they fit better that way.

Jennifer said...

Great Job. And turning the heel just gets easier with each sock!

I'm a thrower, and I do different things on the instep... just depends on the pattern. Once you get more comfy with knitting socks you will do all kinds of things.

Happy Knitting!

Kendra said...

Hey Ma! Love the sock-hopefully you will finish soon so that I can have a new pair of socks! Love Ya! C u soon!