Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Snow flurries in NC not long ago we had a few snow flurries in Asheboro. I love snow and I have often wonder what it would be like to have snow every winter. Big snows not just a dusting or a few inches. In the area I live in it is not often you get a big snow. Okay I want to start a project and I need needles to get the project started, so far I have not purchased the needles I need circular needles and double pointed needles. I checked my stash of needles and no go I need to get the needles they are not in my stash. It is my goal to learn how to use double pointed needles, circular needles , and cable needles. I need to knit a few rows on my scarf. Happy crafting.

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Ria said...

I love visiting NC, I have friends in Cornelius and in Carey (opposite ends of the state - I wish they co-ordinated their moves better LOL) but always say I would miss the snow horribly!