Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cold wet Saturday night

Well I made another trip to Costco and Gate City Yarns today. In all the trips that I have made to Costco I have never ever seen so many people it was wild. I loved it great samples, grapefruit cups, frozen pizza, clam chowder, pink salmon, lobster spread. Tonight I plan to cast on shapely Diamond dish cloth from Leisure arts Kitchen Bright Dishcloths 10 knit designs. This dishcloth for some reason is the thorn in my side. I have cast on and ripped out this cloth so many times just can't seem to get it right. Well after many months of putting it off the time is now. Gate City Yarns I needed to trade the yarn I brought last Saturday. I could not get the color I wanted so I traded for a different color being slow on the up take I did not think to ask if I could trade it for the needles I need for my sock knitting class next month. Oh well I will go to the yarn shop again next Saturday to get the yarn and needles since I won't get paid again before the first class. what I would not give to have money. I love to spend it think of all the yarn I could buy and the trips to Costco. Once again here in this area of NC we have a chance for sleet, freezing, and snow tomorrow and early Monday morning. I hope we don't get any bad weather I need to make it to work Monday morning. Craft on!

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