Tuesday, April 01, 2008


It's April we are already 4 month's into the year. It's Spring and its raining. I am happy about the rain we need the rain lots of rain. Well my mother has finally started cleaning out her house because someone want to rent the house. This is it my house is not my own anymore, it is not that I don't get along with my Mother I do she is a very easy going woman. It's just that I am really feeling more than ever like a child. I really did enjoy living alone. I got to do that for a short time after my daughter went to college. Then all of a sudden my Grandmother was placed in a nursing home and my mother moved in with me which was always the plan I just hoped it would be a year or two before this took place and I did not realize how depressed I would be about the arrangement. I am convinced now that even if I really wanted to meet someone my chances and slim to none, who wants to date or marry a woman that lives with their Mother? Plus the fact that I am 44 overweight and uneducated and not smart enough to go to college with nothing to offer not even good teeth. The deck is stacked against me. No hope at all plus I don't get out much and I live in a terrible little town. what do you do I ask you. It would be nice to get physical again before I die. Well they say life is a bitch and then you die. Well enough of the pity party (with the balloon's and music). I have started the last dishcloth in the Leisure Arts #3934 Garden Dishcloths to Knit, by Melissa Bergland Burnham. The name of the pattern Birdhouse. I hope to finish sometime this week. I have not worked on the dishcloth today and of course I am 16 hours into my work week only 24 hours to go and it is the weekend baby. Tomorrow is hump day!!! I am currently reading Died in the Wool, by Mary Kruger. I am enjoying the book. I did not realize there were so many knitting related fiction books out in the world.

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Donna said...

Hey Theresa, don't give up on yourself! You're an attractive lady with a lot to offer. Have you tried any of the online dating services? My son met a nice girl through an online service geared to his age group called "Plenty of Fish." That eHarmony sounds like a good service. Go for it!!