Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lion Boucle' & Knitting

I don't think this yarn is working for me and my first knitting project. I had to go by the instructor's shop to get some help with my scarf because I had picked up some extra stitches. This yarn splits and it's hard to tell which part is the stitch. I forgot how to cast on I looked at the pictures in the knitting magazine and I can't get it from one picture, I need another set of needles. Maybe a dvd on knitting. I want to get this I have the garter stitch, and while I was doing this stitch it felt so soothing it has only been 3 days so I should not expect to be an expert. what kind of bulky yarn would make a good one to learn to knit. Maybe my good old standby Red Heart to practice. Open to suggestions.

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Deneen said...

I was told, by online knitters, to start using #7 needles and some regular acrylic yarn to learn to knit. I plan to start playing around with it next week.