Friday, May 11, 2007


I am so glad it is Friday looking forward to the weekend, I plan to spend the weekend practicing the one stitch in knitting I know so far and reading I have several books here from the library. My scarf is progressing but I am not sure if I have it right even with the 2nd trip to the instructor's shop. Today I while on the internet visiting discovered a link to knitting help you can watch video's on continental and english cast on also Purl stitch and I am sure other stitches. I watched the cast on video and as soon as my daughter gets home with my new knitting needles I plan to practice cast on and a new stitch the Purl stitch and Knit stitch to me they are very good video's. My plan tomorrow is to visit Yarn Etc in Greensboro, NC I will give a full report tomorrow if I pay a visit to the shop.

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