Monday, April 16, 2007

Windy, Windy Monday

Well I had a very unproductive weekend. I am not sure if it is a cold or allergies I did not feel well and then on Sat I got up early and went to Walmart first and then Hobby Lobby. Walmart did not have the Turqua (blue) red heart yarn I wanted to use in my ripple afghan. Then after finishing my shopping minus yarn. I went to Hobby Lobby they did not have the Turqua yarn either and the #80/Royal yarn which is a brand only sold by Hobby Lobby called I love this yarn! out of stock until the end of the week. So I came home after a trip to the library I watched DIY, PBS, and a few cooking shows took a nap. Sunday was the same I will add that I did look at some crochet and knitting magazines. It rained most of the day on and off. Day from hell at work but I am thankful to have a job and I wish to keep it so that I will not become homeless. I don't think I would be able to find another job. So I do what I am told and I try to smile through all the things that happen. Maybe this weekend I will go to Greensboro to get some red heart AC Moore having a sale on redheart. I received my partners name for the Notions Swap at crochetville I am looking forward to the swap it will be my second at crochetville. Happy crocheting and knitting.


Deneen said...

Ah, I thought you were in VA, now I see NC, which explains the whole Hobby Lobby thing.

Hopefully the week will go batter for you-mine is already looking up crochet-wise.

X said...

Boy can I ever relate to your feelings about work!