Monday, April 02, 2007


Spring, I did not spend the weekend working on the blushing grannies afghan. I spent the weekend working in the yard. So this means I used muscles that I have not used in a long, long time! So today I feel like I have been hit by something large. I still went to walk today, I am trying to lose weight. I got in my 8 glasses of water that was horrible. I hate water. I started working a new afghan going pretty good but I did not work on it that much this weekend either. I am watching deal or no deal and this man has just turned down $173,000 ! I don't know whats wrong with these people. I think I would have to work over 10 years to earn that much money on my job. I don't think he needs the money that bad. Happy crocheting and knitting.

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Carol T said...

Good Evening!!
Thank you for your sweet comments!!
We started our garden, & have 5 small tomato plants planted,
Good Luck on your garden!! I would like to see a picture of it, after you have it started.