Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Knoby Yarn

What the heck is knobby yarn. I plan to take a knitting class in May and the supplies you need to bring to class are 3 skeins of knobby or eyelash yarn. I really don't like eyelash (sorry) so I plan to bring knobby that is if I can figure out what it knobby yarn means. I hope the instructor is still planning to have the May classes so far I am the only person who has signed up for the class. On Sunday I got started on my ripple afghan, I have added the blue and started again with the green and I think it looks great! I plan to do 4 rows of blue then another 12 green, 4 blue and finish with 12 green to make the number of rows in each color even the total afghan should only be 63"I don't care if it is longer that that because it is for my daughter and if it is longer than the pattern calls for she wont care the when I add the fringe I plan to use both blue and green mixed together instead of one blue tassel and one green. I have started buying the notions for my partner in the notions swap at crochetville. I have until the 15th of May to buy and I have to have the package in the mail by the 19th I will not reveal the Items I have purchased so far just in case someone from crochetville might visit my blog. I am reading a great book The Friday Night Knitting Club, by Kate Jacobs it is a great read I picked it up at Books-A-Million on Friday. Well I am off to a visit at crochetville and then spend some time reading. Happy crocheting and knitting.


KnitXcorE said...

yeah, i h8 eyelash yarn. maybe knobby means thick and thin????

Deneen said...

Love the ghan-you aren't doing it double stranded, are you (like the pattern says)? What size hook you using (yes, I am nosy).

Knobby yarn means a slub yarn (kinda with tufts in it). Look on ebay for examples.

allie said...

Good luck seaming the blushing grannies! I'm sure it will be absolutely gorgeous!!!